Chinese Regional Cuisines

Chinese cuisine includes a variety of different flavors due to China’s vast geography and diverse nationalities. Local dishes with their own distinctiveness can be roughly divided into 8 regional cuisines.

Hunan Cuisine: Hunan cuisine is known for its use of chili, pepper and shallot, and a pungent flavor.

Sichuan Cuisine: Sichuan cuisine both spicy and pungent, is one of the most famous Chinese Food in the world.

Shandong Cuisine: Shandong cuisine is characterized by an emphasis on freshness, aroma, and crispness.

Guangdong Cuisine: Guangdong cuisine is creative with an emphasis on artistic presentation. The cuisine is considered light, crisp, and fresh.

Fujian Cuisine: Fujian cuisine is characterized by a pickled, sweet & sour taste and bright colors.

Zhejiang Cuisine: Zhejiang cuisine is enjoyed for its freshness, tenderness, and mellow fragrance.

Anhui Cuisine: Anhui cuisine focuses on cooking temperature, braising, and stewing. Hams are used to improve taste and sugar candy for freshness.

Jiangsu Cuisine: Jiangsu cuisine also called Huaiyang. Jiangsu cuisine uses seafood as its main ingredient and is known for carving techniques and a light, fresh and sweet flavor.

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