Mapo doufu

I think doufu is a special Chinese food, you should taste it if you have a chance.


Doufu 200g

Minced beef  100g

Garlic bolt 15g

Thick broad-bean sauce 20g

Fermented soya beans 10g

Cayenne pepper 1.5g

Soy sauce 10g

Starch 3g

Water 150g

Vegetable oil

Mapo doufu-1

Cooking steps:

1. Cut Doufu into 1cm cube, and heat up in hot water for minutes, then drain water.

2. Mince garlic bolt and fermented soya beans, and  prepare the mixed material for ”Gouqian(勾芡)” with starch, MSG and water together in a bowl to standby.

Mapo doufu-2

3. Pour vegetable oil in and heat up, put minced beef in to fry till cooked, take out.

Mapo doufu-3

4. Again pour vegetable oil in wok and heat up, put thick broad-bean sauce, soy sauce, cayenne pepper and fermented soya beans into till cooked fragrant.

Mapo doufu-4

5.  Add water to boil, then add minced beef in and stew for 3-4 mins.

Mapo doufu-5

6. Add garlic bolt in to fry for half a minute, and put the mixed material in to ”Gouqian”

Mapo doufu-6

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