Starch 2tsp; salt, pickled Chinese cabbage, pickling peppe, Pepper, ginger, garlic, scallion, rice wine, MSG


1. Cut fish into slice, and then wrap starch and salt evenly on fish

2. Cut galic and ginger into slice

3. Cut pickled Chinese cabbage into slice

4. Chopped pickling pepper and scallion into


Cooking steps:

1. Pour oil in wok and heat up, then add pepper, ginger and galic into fry till fragrant, later put pickled Chinese cabbage in to fry half a min.


2. Pour water till boil, then add fish head and fish bone and rice wine to stew for about 10 mins.


3. Till the soup boiled again, put fish slice into


4. Meantime, pour oil in another wok and heat up, add minced pickled pepper to fry till fragrant.


5. Pour cooked minced pepper on top of fish wok.


6. Fry for a min, add MSG and fry evenly. Serve.


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