Liang pi  is a noodle-like Chinese dish made from wheat or rice flour. It is a specialty dish originating from the Chinese province of Shaanxi, but has now spread to many other places in China, in particular the northern and central regions.


Wheat; Water


Chilie oil, vinegar, salt water, mashed garlic, shredded cucumber


1. Make soft dough ready and leave it in a bowl for 1 hour.

2. Pour water in the bowl, begin to washing the dough.

3. Stop washing till the water is turning into a muddy white color, the purpose is to wash out the starch.

4. Take out the remainder of the dough and leave the water with starch at a cool place to sedimentate completely.

5. Discard the extra water and keep the starch-paste on the bottom of the bowl.

6. Prepare a flat plate and sweep with oil.

7. Pour some the starch-paste  into the plate in a thin layer.

8. Put this plate in a steamer and boil  for 5 minutes.

9. After 5 minutes, take out the Liang Pi and put into cold water.

10. Take out Liang Pi and drain water.

11. Cut Liang Pi into long pieces, and mix with Chili oil, vinegar, salt water, mashed garlic and shredded cucumber evenly.


6 Replies to “Liang Pi”

  1. Amazing recipe, I will try too cook it, though it seems a little bit difficult to me. My cooking skills are not high, but I will try at least. Thanx for the recipe.

  2. What ratio of flour to water do you use to make the soft dough? Also, how much water do you use to wash the dough?

  3. usually, to make the soft dough, the ration of flour to water is 2:1, and it all denpends on your cooking experience o(∩_∩)o ; and for the water that you use to wash the dough, it’s up to you…you can try it…

  4. I’m learning Chinese food, as you know, Chinese food is delicious and easy to learn to cook. There is a lots of recipes here: i love Best recipes very much.we could start from here…

  5. I absolutely love Chinese food, but I have never heard of Liang Pi before. Maybe the restaurants that I frequent don’t serve this dish or perhaps it goes by a different name in some places. However, thanks to your very clear 11 steps, this dish doesn’t seem to be too hard to make. However, how much of each ingredient should I be using?

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