Fish-flavored pork

Fish-flavored pork is known for fish-flavored seasoning and origined in recent decades, the pioneer was  Sichuan chef  in the early China.

Please remember Fish-flavored pork’s has nothing with fish!


Pork 250 grams,  tender shredded bamboo shoots 100 grams, egg 1, sugar 15 grams, vinegar 15 grams, Vegetable oil 200 grams, sesame oil 10 grams,  MSG 2.5 grams, soy sauce 10 grams, salt 5 grams, Sichuan bean paste 10 grams, rice wine 5 grams, water,  starch 5 grams, pepper, chopped scallion, ginger.

Cooking steps:

1. Cut  Pork  into 6 cm length and 0.2 cm width, marinated with rice wine and salt evenly.

2. Prepar sauce material: Mix eggs, raw flour, sugar, soy sauce, vinegar, MSG together, stand-by in a small bowl.

3. Pour vegetable oil into wok and heat up, then put the pork into to fry scattered, then take out.

4. Pour vegetable oil in and heat up again, add scallion, ginger and bean paste to fry, later, add bamboo shoot and pork to fry evenly, then pour the mixed sauce materials and MSG to fry quickly a few, last, sprinkle starch and sesame oil.

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