Finger Mutton

Finger Mutton


Mutton with bone: 1000g

coriander:25g, scallion:25g, ginger: 15g, galic:10g, aniseed:1g, pepper:1g, Chinese cinnamon:1g, fennel:1g, pepper powder:1g, vinegar: 60g

rice wine: 5g, MSG:1g, salt: 5g, sesame oil: 1g, chili oil: 50g

Cooking steps:

1, Cut mutton into two-inch long, one-fifth wide block, water wash. Wash coriander and scallion, and then cut into section or mince.

2, Prepare the mixed sauce with minced scallion, minced garlic, coriander, MSG, pepper powder, sesame oil and chili oil in a bowl.

3. Put mutton into boil water and remove froth, and take out and wash.

4. Put mutton and all seasonings to stew till cooked. Take out and place in a plate

5. Serve with the mixed sauce.

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