Big dish Chicken

Big dish Chicken origined from Xinjiang Province, and became popular around almost all cities in China recently.


Chicken, potato, pepper, green pepper, red pepper, dry red pepper, chili oil, rice wine (or beer), soy sauce, salt, sugar, ginger slice, onion, galic

Cooking steps:

  1. Cut Chicken and Potatoes into small cubes.
  2. Pour vegetable oil into wok and heat up, and then put ginger slice, pepper, dry red pepper and onion to fry cooked.
  3. Put chicken to fry to be golden, add rice wine (or bear), soy sauce, chili oil to fry evenly.
  4. Add potato, galic and salt to fry evenly.
  5. Add water to boil with strong heat, later simmer to stew for 20 mins, later add green pepper and little sugar to continue simmer stew for 10 mins.

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