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Beggar Chicken was origined in the late Ming and early Qing Dynasty. A beggar in Changshu(常熟) Jiangshu province, got a chicken one day, but didn’t have any spicies, so he just removed the offal and wrapped with mud, put to roast on the fire until the mud dried, and then knocked the mud shell, exquisite fragrance suffused  all around immediately.The beggar was happy and enjoyed a feast.

Here has a chance to introduce you a famous and polular Chinese Novel "The Legend of Condor Heroes (traditional character: 射雕英雄传)" written by Jin Yong, the pen name for Chinese author Louis Cha.  It‘s a classic and a must-have for martial arts lover. Later this novel was displayed on TV in 1982, and be known to be whole China.

Beggar chicken is ofen mentioned in this TV Series, and this dish got popular again.

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