Shui Zhu (Chinese: 水煮肉片; pinyin: shǔizhǔròupiàn) is a Chinese dish that recently became popular in China as well as other countries. Therefore, large numbers of Sichuan-flavor restaurants open recently and locate all the cities in China.

Shui Zhu is originated in Sichuan and the name literally means "water-boiled meat slices". The preparation of this dish usually involves some sort of meat (usually it is pork, beef, or fish), chili pepper, and a large amount of vegetable oil. This dish is spicy, fresh and hot.


Lean Meat: 150g

Cabbage: 50g


Egg: 30g

Black Pepper: 3g

thick broad-bean sauce:10g

Ginger: 10g

Scallion: 10g

Red dried chili: 5g

Pepper: 5g

Soy sauce: 10g

Rice wine: 8g

Salt: 10g

Starch: 10g

Vegetable oil: 50g

Cooking steps:

1. Cut meat into slices, and put into the bowl with the marinated combination of egg white, salt and rice wine, and wipe each slice evenly.

2. Clean the cabbage; cut ginger into slices; cut scallion into section with length of 3cm.

3. Heat up the wok, pour oil in, waiting for the oil is hotter, add pepper and red dried chili to fry, till the red chili get golden.

4. Then take chili and pepper out, and are minced.

5. Pour oil in and heat up, add thick broad-bean sauce to stir fry, then add cabbage, scallion, ginger, soup, black pepper and rice wine in, and fry evenly.

6. Add meat in to stew for minutes till cooked, take meat out, and then spread minced red chili and pepper over the meat.

7. Vegetable oil is heated in a pan not up to point where the oil smokes. The oil is poured over the prepared meat and vegetable.

This dish maintains tenderness of the meat with boiling instead of stir frying. It offers a good combination of tender meat, freshness of vegetable, hot spicy flavor of chili pepper, and numbing sensation of Sichuan pepper.


Pork is not appropriate to Jaume, licorice, crucian carp, shrimp, pigeon, snail, almonds, Donkey, Yang Gan, coriander, soft-shelled turtles, caltrop, buckwheat, quail meat, beef with the food.

After the consumption of pork, you should not drink a large number of tea. Shuizhu is a lean meat, eggs, vegetable oil-based material with spicy cooked meat, not only can improve appetite, you can also add high-quality protein and essential fatty acids, vitamins, iron and other nutrients.

It is worth mentioning this kind of meat production method, you can keep meat tender, digestible, the whole process has not been a long time in high-temperature frying, to avoid carcinogens is generated a more scientific method of meat cooking.

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