Fuqi feipian (夫妻肺片; pinyin: fūqī fèipiàn; literally "Married Couple’s Slices of Lung") is a popular Sichuan dish – often served cold – which is made of thinly sliced beef, beef lung/stomach/tongue, and a generous amount of spices, including Szechuan peppercorns. True to its roots, the desired taste should be both spicy and mouth-numbing. Despite its name, actual lung is rarely used.


As early as the late Qing Dynasty, there were already many vendors selling beef slices served cold in the streets of Chengdu using cow organs because they were relatively inexpensive. Because of its low cost, the dish was popular among rickshaw pullers and poor students.

In the 1930s, there was a married couple in Chengdu famous for making beef slices. The husband, Guo Zhaohua (郭朝華), and wife, Zhang Tianzheng (張田政), were particular about the beef slices they made, and often experimented with new ingredients. As a result, their beef slices had a distinct taste from the other beef slice vendors, and their business boomed. Often though, mischievous children would pull a prank on the couples and stick paper notes that read "Fuqi feipian" (Married Couple’s Offal Slices) on their backs, and sometimes people would yell the words out. Later on, a merchant tried the married couple’s beef slices and was so satisfied he gave them a gold-lettered plaque that read "Fuqi feipian", and the name has stuck ever since.

To suit their customers’ tastes, the couples made many improvements on the dish, and offal slices were eventually replaced by various beef or lamb slices. Many people still preferred calling the dish fuqi feipian, thus the name is still used today.


Beef: 100g

Beef Tongue: 100g

Beef heart: 150g

Beef stomach: 200g


Spice(star anise,fennel,cinnamon, clove, ginger), salt, red-chili oil, minced pepper, sesame, peanut, vegetable oil, celery and monosodium glutamate.

Cooking steps:

1. The beef cut into big cube, and offal (tongue, beef heart, stomach)  are clean thorough with water, then marinated with all spices, salt, pepper. 2. First switch to low heat with the raging fire boiled , Stewed meat is expected to tender but not rotten, and then picked up to be cold, cut into large slices.

3. The celery washed, cut into 1 cm-long segment. Sesame fried and cooked with the peanuts and grinded.

4. Place beef and offal into plate, then add marinade, vegetable oil, monosodium glutamate, pepper,red chili oil, sesame, peanuts, and celery, mix well Serve.


A lot of people put animal offal associated with cholesterol or junk food, thereby Fuqi feipian have lost a lot of supporters. In fact, animal organs are rich in iron, zinc and other trace elements and vitamins A, B2, D and so on, consumed, can effectively complement the body’s demand for these substances. Especially the spicy Fuqi feipian, is a good warm-up dishes in winter. Animal offal can be zinc, and improve their eyesight.

Animals like cattle offal offal is good to eat, but to eat less, eat twice a week can be, and each per capita consumption can not be more than 50 grams. Also, due to high levels of cholesterol in animal organs, people with high blood lipids are better not to eat.

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